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Visionary Group (Nasdaq: GV) and Farnova Holding Group have reached an agreement to cooperate to establish a manufacturing automation system factory in Toronto, becoming Canada's first independent global brand of new energy electric vehicles. Canadian government policies fully support it. This will quickly fill the gap in demand in the Canadian market. The new energy electric product line includes sports cars, mini cars, cold chain/logistics vehicles, electric buses, yachts and other new energy high-end vehicles. Farnova Holding Group has a wealth of cutting-edge know-how in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles. The president and technical director of Farnova Holdings Group is Giorgio Stirano, a famous Italian racing engineer, ensuring that Visionary and Farnova have broad and high-growth revenue prospects in the future.

Visionary Group and Farnova Holding Group have reached an in-depth cooperation to establish a new manufacturing automation system for new energy electric vehicles in Toronto, providing global investors with multiple high-level absolute advantages and the investment value of one of the few forward-looking and highly innovative new energy electric vehicles in the world.

远见董事长 William Chai

Dr. William Chai, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Visionary: The deepening cooperation between Visionary Group and Farnova Holdings Group in Toronto will not only bring direct economic and employment benefits to Canada, but will also contribute to Canada’s green energy transformation, technological innovation and global investment attractiveness. important contribution.


Visionary Group has made important contributions to Canada's multi-level industrial development with high-value innovation in the field of new energy!

1. Green energy transition: The establishment of new energy electric vehicle manufacturing plants will promote the development of zero-emission transportation in Canada and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As an important response to global warming and climate change, this move can help Canada achieve its environmental goals and international commitments.

2. Economic growth and employment: The establishment of new automated factories will bring a large number of direct and indirect employment opportunities and promote local economic development. High value-added manufacturing can also attract highly skilled talents and technological innovation, enhancing Canada's overall economic competitiveness.

3. High-tech innovation: The automated manufacturing system of new energy electric vehicles will introduce advanced manufacturing technology and processes to promote Canada's high-tech innovation and prosperity in the field of high-tech manufacturing and promote the improvement of the country's scientific and technological level.

4. Global investment attraction: This cooperation shows Canada’s potential and investment value in the new energy field, helps attract more international capital and enterprises to enter the market, and further enhances Canada’s global reputation as a new energy and high-tech manufacturing center.

Visionary CEO Chen Zhong: Rapidly enhance the high-tech absolute competitiveness of automotive products. In addition, a strategy covering a wide range of new energy vehicle product types can help meet the needs of different niche customer groups.

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The deepening cooperation between Visionary Group and Farnova Holdings Group in Toronto creates absolute competitive advantage

Global new manufacturing of new energy vehicles: Establishing a new manufacturing automation system manufacturing plant for new energy electric vehicles in Toronto, Canada, Visionary Group meets a high-potential demand gap market in Canada and benefits from the innovative high-value technology of Farnova Holdings Group and Giorgio Stirano In-depth professional knowledge can quickly enhance the high-tech absolute competitiveness of automotive products. In addition, a strategy covering a wide range of new energy vehicle product types can help meet the needs of different niche customer groups.

Visionary is obviously an innovative and continuously growing company, committed to creating global industry trends of high innovative value through mergers and acquisitions integration strategies. Highly profitable revenue business model focusing on several core values:

1. Integrating the world's best business models - Vision Group adopts a collaborative business strategy, which means that their talents with global industry knowledge work together to solve problems and drive high innovation. Build global partners and elite talent to create a diverse and inclusive corporate environment. Inclusion encourages diverse backgrounds and majors.

2. Global professional mergers and acquisitions and integration - By acquiring high-quality companies, Visionary Group can quickly acquire high technology, professional knowledge, market share and customer base. They not only buy companies, but more importantly integrate the professional skills and resources of these companies to increase the value of innovation.

3. Industrial trends with high innovation value - Vision Group invests in industries with high innovation potential and growth trends, which may include technology, biotechnology, sustainable development fields or emerging markets.

4. Operational capabilities of high innovation and excellent leadership - The company achieves performance growth through the strengths of its leadership team. This involves strong vision, strategic planning, and innovative thinking that drives the company forward.

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Visionary (Nasdaq: GV) is undertaking a number of transformation and business expansion initiatives that demonstrate its commitment and potential in high-value innovation globally. Investors can see the future high return potential of Vision Group from the following important strategies and value factors:

 1. The world’s best new energy vehicle manufacturer

- Meeting the market gap: establishing the first independent new energy vehicle brand in Canada to fill the existing market gap, which has huge market potential.

- Innovative technical advantages: Cooperating with Farnova, leveraging its know-how in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles, with the technical leadership of Italian racing engineer Giorgio Stirano, to ensure the high quality and competitiveness of products.

Short-term strategy investor value factors (1-2 years)

1. Market filling effect: Through cooperation with Farnova Holding Group, it quickly entered the Canadian new energy vehicle market, filled the market gap, and attracted initial market demand.

2. Global innovative technology leadership: The addition of Farnova Group technical expert Giorgio Stirano will help establish a technologically leading product line, including sports cars, mini cars, cold chain/logistics vehicles, etc.

Medium-term strategic investor value factors (3-5 years)

1. Expansion of manufacturing capacity: Construction of a manufacturing plant for new energy vehicles and biotechnology products in Canada will significantly increase the company's high revenue as the plant is put into operation.

Visionary's innovative transformation plan can indeed bring considerable competitive advantages and high profit potential to the company and its investors. Diversified strategies and innovative initiatives, its short, medium and long-term investment value benefits for global investors:

Short-term investment value benefit (1 year to 3 years)

1. The rapid expansion of Visionary’s global market presence:
 - Rapidly enter the new energy vehicle market by setting up a global new energy vehicle manufacturing plant in Toronto, benefiting from local policies and global high-innovation technology support.
 - Cooperation with BIO Technology Company to quickly establish share and market share in the global and Canadian biotechnology innovation value niche market.

Long-term investment value benefit (more than 5 years):

1. Sustained development driven by global technology and innovation:
 - Global new energy vehicles

2. The high integration of Visionary’s innovative value technology and scientific expertise:
 - Utilize the expertise of Farnova Holding Group and Giorgio Stirano to rapidly enhance the unique innovative technological content of the product and its absolute competitiveness in the market.
 - Technology transfer and market science expertise of global partners for immediate innovation value, allowing new products and services to be quickly launched in high-value niche markets around the world.

The cooperation between Visionary and Farnova Holding Group undoubtedly provides multiple levels of advantages and investment value to the company and its investors.

 Short-term strategy investor value factors (1-2 years)

1. Canadian market filling effect:
 - Breakthrough in the Canadian market: By establishing a manufacturing plant in Toronto, we can quickly enter the Canadian new energy vehicle market and meet the local market demand gap, which will help attract initial market demand and quickly gain market share.
 - Technical strength of partners: Relying on Farnova’s proprietary technology in the field of electric and hybrid technology to create a high-tech innovative product line.

2. Global forward-looking technological leadership:
 - Global expert technical leadership: Giorgio Stirano's professional technical support develops innovative and high-quality products, such as sports cars, mini cars, cold chain/logistics vehicles, etc., to enhance product competitiveness and attract high-end market demand.

Medium-term strategic investor value factors (3-5 years)

1. New energy electric vehicle manufacturing capacity expansion:
 - New factory operations: Expanding manufacturing plants in Canada and China. As the factories are put into full production, production capacity will be increased, significantly increasing the company's revenue and further consolidating its market position.
 - Product diversification strategy: Shenzhen-Guangzhou’s high-quality product lines cover sports cars, electric buses, yachts, etc. to meet the needs of different customer groups and increase market penetration.

2. Comprehensive market expansion:
 - Global market layout: In addition to Canada, localization has expanded to other high-potential markets, focusing on the global market, and continuously improving brand influence and market share.
 - Growth of cooperation opportunities: Through mergers and cooperation strategies, we will continue to capture new technologies and market opportunities and continuously improve the company's absolute competitive advantage.

Long-term strategy investor value factors (5+ years)

1. Continuous development of global technology and innovation:
 - Driven by continuous innovation: Utilize the expertise of Farnova and Giorgio Stirano to keep up with technological trends and market demands, continuously introduce new products, and maintain technological leadership.
 - Global market influence: With the dual promotion of technology and market, Vision Group is expected to become the world's leading new energy vehicle brand, attracting more market attention and investor favor.

2. Efficient integration and synergy:
 - Professional mergers and integrations: Through mergers, acquisitions and integration strategies, we acquire new technologies and market resources, maximize resource utilization, and improve corporate operational efficiency and market competitiveness.
 - Diversified business strategies adapt to market fluctuations: Vision Group's flexible diversified products and market strategies help maintain stable growth amidst market fluctuations and create lasting value for investors.

Through its strong leadership team, highly collaborative cooperation strategy, global market layout, and technical cooperation with Farnova and Giorgio Stirano, Vision Group not only meets market needs, but also continuously innovates, formulates long-term growth strategies, and creates considerable profits. potential. These factors make it an important investment option for investors in new energy vehicles and global high innovation value fields.

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