Visionary Group Of U.S. Nasdaq listed company is Canada's first independent brand of new energy vehicles in the field of new energy vehicles. It is driven by innovation, has a global vision, professional cooperation and attaches great importance to sustainable development, providing multiple short, medium and long-term investment advantages.CEDBank Frank Chen  2024 05 12

Visionary Group (Visionary) is embracing an inclusive new business operation method, using the "global trend path of professional mergers and acquisitions to integrate high innovative value" as the best global business model, joining hands with global elites, and leading the operation with high innovation and excellence. Development and growth.

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In the field of new energy vehicles, Yuanyan reached an agreement with Fano Holding Group and the two parties cooperated to build a factory in Toronto, becoming Canada's first independent brand of new energy vehicles and filling a gap in Canada. Products include sports cars, mini cars, cold chain/logistics vehicles, electric buses and yachts and other series of new energy vehicles. Fano has a large number of world-leading special technologies in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles. At the same time, the company is headed by Giorgio Stirano, a well-known Italian racing engineer. President and Technical Director, with bright future prospects.

Visionary and Fano Holding Group established a new energy vehicle factory in Toronto, Canada, marking the in-depth cooperation between the two parties and demonstrating their emphasis on the new energy vehicle market. It has created core market value and market investment value advantages:

1. Innovation-driven: Through cooperation with Fano Holding Group, which possesses cutting-edge technology, it shows that Visionary Group focuses on the application and development of innovative technologies, which is the key to promoting the company's growth in the field of new energy vehicles.

2. Global Vision: Visionary Group's actions indicate that it pursues global markets, collaborates with multinational talents and builds business on the international stage, which shows its vision to embrace global trends.

3. Professional cooperation: Visionary chooses to cooperate with partners with professional skills and technology, such as the joining of Italian racing engineer Giorgio Stirano, which highlights the importance of the company's emphasis on professional knowledge and technical expertise in operations.

4. Leadership and performance: Visionary Group emphasizes excellent leadership and operational effectiveness, which demonstrates its commitment to driving the company's growth and success through a strong management team.

5. Sustainable development: Focusing on the development of the new energy vehicle industry shows that Visionary Group pays attention to sustainability and environmental protection, which is a core part of its long-term development strategy.

Advantages of market investment value

1. Innovative first-mover advantage: As Canada’s first independent brand new energy vehicle manufacturer, this company may enjoy a first-mover advantage in the market. This means it can build brand recognition before competitors, establish a customer base, and influence market standards.

2. Strong support from Canadian government policies: New energy vehicles have received support from governments of many countries, including subsidies, tax breaks and other measures. The Canadian government may provide various incentives to promote the development of the local new energy vehicle industry, which may be a major advantage for the cooperation project between Vision and Fano.

3. ESG environmental protection trends: As the world pays increasing attention to carbon reduction and climate change issues, the demand for new energy vehicles is expected to grow rapidly. The establishment of this cooperative factory is expected to capture the long-term investment value brought by this market trend.

4. High technology and innovation: The new energy automobile industry is in a stage of rapid development, and technological innovation is an important driving force for the industry. If the cooperation between Yuanyuan and Fano can achieve breakthroughs in battery technology, electric drive systems and other fields, it may enhance its competitiveness.

5. Potential for international cooperation: With the establishment of Canadian local brands, there may be more international cooperation opportunities in the future, such as export business expansion and cross-border technical cooperation.

6. Financing and investment attractiveness: A high-tech project with potential, especially in the clean energy sector, can usually attract investors and government funding. The partnership is likely to benefit from a positive reaction from capital markets.

These values ​​are reflected in the company's business operations and strategies, proving the promise of the Vision Group name - a forward-looking and visionary enterprise.

Vision Group's new energy vehicle products cover a wide range of products and are an important reflection of its global market advantages. Global market advantages:

1. Diversified product lines: Having a diversified product portfolio from sports cars to electric buses can meet the needs and preferences of different market segments, helping the Vision Group to reduce any single market risk.

2. Innovation Pioneer: As an innovator in the field of new energy vehicles, Visionary Group can establish a leading position in emerging markets and become a reliable green transportation solution provider in developed markets.

3. Wide coverage: From luxury sports cars to daily commuter vehicles, to professional cold chain/logistics transportation and public transportation systems, this product range enables Visionary to reach a wide range of customer groups.

4. Comply with sustainable development goals: As the world pays more and more attention to sustainable development, Visionary Group’s new energy vehicles are in line with this trend and are an attraction for consumers and businesses pursuing green energy and reducing carbon footprints. s Choice.

5. Respond to regulatory changes: As countries around the world gradually strengthen legal restrictions on traditional fuel vehicles, providing a full range of new energy models can help the Vision Group better adapt to these changes and thereby gain competitive advantages in different markets.

6. Accumulation of technology and experience: In the field of new energy, the accumulation of manufacturing technology and experience from small electric vehicles to electric yachts will help the Vision Group to continuously optimize its product performance, improve production efficiency, and maintain its leadership at the technical level. status.

Leveraging these advantages will help Visionary further expand its influence and market share in the global market.

These core values ​​of Visionary Group, especially innovation drive, global perspective, professional cooperation, and emphasis on sustainable development, provide the company with multiple long-term investment advantages:

1. Innovation competitiveness: Continuous focus on innovation not only enables the company to develop cutting-edge technologies and products, but also helps maintain its leading position in the market in the long term. Innovation is particularly important in the new energy vehicle industry because technological progress can bring about efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

2. Global market penetration: Through cross-border cooperation, Visionary Group has access to global ideas, market opportunities and talent resources. This helps the company expand its market share and reduce the risk of dependence on a single market.

3. Professionalism and technical expertise: High-level professional knowledge and technical expertise can provide high-quality products and services, thereby establishing brand prestige. The addition of an expert like Giorgio Stirano brings a high level of validation and technical edge to the company, which is particularly important in technology-intensive industries.

4. Sustainability leadership: In the current globalized economy, sustainability has become a key factor for business success. Companies that value environmental protection are more likely to receive government support and consumer favor, and are able to foresee risks both within and outside regulations, which in turn helps ensure the company's long-term development.

It will gain Canadian domestic market share and may also attract international investors and consumers interested in new energy vehicles and sustainable technologies. As an innovative green energy project, it may also receive government support and incentives, which may further increase the company's market value.

Through these long-term strategies, Vision Group not only actively shapes its future development trajectory, but also provides investors with continued high value-added opportunities. This proactive business model enables the company to anticipate market changes and respond flexibly, which is a key competitive advantage in the rapidly changing new energy vehicle market.

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